Tree Cutting & Removal in Troy Michigan

Tree Cutting & Removal Service from Troy MI

R&T Tree Removal Division of Troy Michigan provides the most affordable professional tree removal services. No job is too small or too large for the professional tree climbers and tree maintenance personnel of R&T.

If you live in the Troy, Michigan and lived through any one of our winters you have probably seen your share of fallen trees and others at angles that make them look dangerous. If a tree looks dangerous, it is dangerous because if it's still standing and looks bad you don’t know what may be below the treeline holding the tree in place and if it's half down there is no telling what will trigger the rest of the fall. From the casual resident to even the experienced tree removal business, removing a large tree should not be taken lightly. That’s the job of the R&T Tree Removal Division, headquartered Troy, near Detroit. One call to R&T is all it will take to get a professional crew, complete with tree climbers, right to your job site to assess the situation. Once assessed these surgeons of the treetops will bring the right people and equipment for your job. Whether it’s a tree leaning dangerously close to power lines or your house, R&T has the tools and experience to make tree removal safe. Knowing how important tree removal or lopping can be to safety of the residents they will get your job done as soon as possible.

Tree cutting service for Detroit area

Tree cutting services can offer a variety of services from light aesthetic tree trimming and limb removal to services that would help save a tree from certain death. If you think about the load a tree must endure during harsh weather it becomes evident why a tree surgeon can be so helpful at lightening the load before it becomes too much for the tree to withstand. If saving a large tree is more important to you than removal then a tree trimming service that employs tree surgeons would be just what the doctor order. For some people tree removal is the first action, yet for others who's goals are to retain the benefits a tree might offer their property such as shade, erosion protection, ground water control, and landscaping beauty removal is the last thing on their mind. For these individuals contracting the wrong tree trimming service could result in a someone unskilled turning your beautiful tree into a meaningless stump. R&T skilled tree doctors can save you a great deal of aggravation and disappointment when it comes to hiring a tree cutting service to surgically trim verses perform a wholesale tree-ectomy. But, if a situation should unfold to the point where the tree must come out, you can rest comfortably that the experience of R&T tree surgeon’s indispensable ability to get the tree to come down where we want it to and in the shape they designed for it.

Emergency Tree Removal Service Troy Michigan

Emergency Tree Removal Service in Troy Michigan

Tree removal services are usually the last companies that come to mind until you really need one. Well, the large amount of snow fall a Midwest winter can deliver usually creates some very serious, and usually dangerous, issues for our large rooted friends. The mayhem usually does not start until just around the winter holiday season, and will normally deliver two or three major storms that will down trees, power lines, break limbs and then additionally will tax the public safety resources available. When trees start to fall firefighters and policemen are not the people to call when trees have to be removed from dangerous situations. It takes a tree removal company such as R&T Tree Division of Troy, Michigan to assess a job and know just the right tools, and people, to bring. R&T are the artists of the forest. They can remove a tree from a serious situation as easily, and as timely, as you or I might cut our grass. Only the best tree removal company would know how to remove a 100+ foot tree with the surgical touch to keep the neighborhood safe and protected. How? Why? Have you ever seen a fallen tree that was hinged over power-lines? Or a tree that has started to tip and is headed directly for your house or your neighbor's (can you spell – liability?) Well, R&T are the people to call when you are in need of tree lopping and/or removal. They are the tree removal service experts for the Detroit area and they know their business from their years of experience in the trees. When you are in need of tree removal in Detroit these are the kind of professionals you can rely on. The experts at R&T will quickly assess the situation and know whether to bring in the extended crane truck, tree climbers, or both. And if hot wires are involved they will assuredly come prepared with both the skill and the knowledge of what safety procedures to follow. As a responsible tree removal company, they always arrive fully equipped and fully insured.

Tree Climbers in Detroit MI

Not all trees can be fallen in one piece and many are also too large to handle even with the largest of cherry pickers. For these jobs a tree climber is the only solution. Now, these are not your average tree climbers. These are individuals that understand the dynamics of wheeling a chain saw while tethered to a tree a hundred feet in the air and what tree limb removal really means under these circumstances. Tree lopping at this height usually means a crane and tree climber working hand in hand to ensure the safety of the tree cutter, the team on the ground, and any structures on the ground. 

While tree limb removal can look simple an inexperienced individual may misinterpret a situation and consequently the action a limb might take on once cut loose from the tree. The truth of the matter is that experienced tree climbers are both exciting and enjoyable to watch as they sculpt a tree with a certain vision and from heights that most people can not ever imagine.

So, if you have a tree worth saving, or one that is past its prime and now presenting a dangerous situation, call R&T and get the professional, courteous and safe tree cutting service that one would expect when they hire a professional tree removal company.


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