Tree Removal Cost

Tree Removal Cost in Troy MI

The cost of tree removal ranges widely. You could be looking at $1000 or at $5000 - depending on the situation – size of tree to be removed, location of tree, type of tree. So let's look at some situations and how each might impact tree removal rates.

Let's start with the size of the tree you would like removed. This is usually what people use to gauge price. While it is one factor it is not the only factor. You may have heard that your neighbor, in a nearby area of Troy MI, had a 120ft pine tree removed for a cost of $1500 hundred dollars. You have a 100 foot oak tree you would like removed, and you're thinking the tree removal cost for your project should come in around the same $1500 price tag.

Well, let us now examine your friend's pine tree removal project and see how it might compare to your oak tree removal cost.

Tree height:

First, pine trees are tall and straight. This makes them easier to climb, or be lifted into, and then taken down in sections. The cost of tree removal for something tall and thin, verses something tall and sprawling will be less costly.

Tree Wood hardness:

Pine is a much softer wood than oak. This means that cutting down a pine tree and removing its parts takes considerably less effort, and wear and tear of cutting equipment, than that required to remove an oak tree of similar height. So, on this note you cannot expect the tree removal cost for an oak tree to be similar to that of a pine tree based on size alone. Additionally, cutting the tree down constitutes only the landing of the tree, to complete the tree removal process the tree must be delimbed and the limbs must be mulched and collected. All this cutting of the harder wood lends to higher tree removal rates for harder trees than for softer ones – with other criteria such as size being equal.

Tree Location:

Like they say, location, location, location. We're not talking about your location relative to us, we're talking about the location of the tree you're looking to take down relative to anything else. The complexity of a removal will impact the tree removal rates. Let's say that your friend's pine you heard him speaking of was in a location with a few hundred feet of open area around the tree. This highly reduces the cost of tree removal for this project because the tree can be dismantled in larger sections with no worries of inflicting damage to any surrounding structures. Alternatively, if your tree is located near a house or power lines this complicates the removal by requiring more men and equipment which in turn results in a higher cost to have the tree removed. In some cases, if power lines are involved, the power company must be notified of the work prior to proceeding. Tree Cutting & Removal of Troy is fully insured and is a utility compliant and safety company.

Tree Quantity:

There is a cost we must incur moving our equipment and teams from location to location. If the tree removal rates you are considering where a part of a larger project then the cost per tree will without a doubt be lower than the cost to remove just a single tree.

Rates, quotations, and estimates:

We offer free tree removal estimates to anyone looking for tree removal prices. Simply call Tree Cutting and Removal of Troy MI and give us some light details about the project you would like for us to estimate and one of our tree specialists will show up on location to size up the project.

We understand that you work hard for your money and therefore you can be assured that our rates will be the most affordable tree removal rates in the area. So if you have a tree that looks like it may not make it through the next storm we suggest you call us and don't allow the cost of tree removal to force you into a home renovation project. And do not forget to ask us about our special rates for Seniors and US military.

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